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The Complications of Mothers and Mother’s Day

DD Forum Large Group Zoom Chat   Tuesday, 4 May, 7:45 - 9:45 pm Central Daylight Time Oh, there are so many  puzzling pieces about mothers....  Let's talk about mothers before it's Mother's Day. This event is for people who are (or have been) members of the DD Forums. Not open to the general public. We'll […]


5@1:05 – Clinician’s Chat

5@1:05  -- Wednesday, April 21 For DID therapists and clinicians only.      Learn more about working with dissociation and DID. Bring your lunch, and we'll answer lots of your questions.   TO SIGN UP:   Click this  Event Website  to complete your registration process.   * Please note: this event will be recorded, and is […]


Testing out the New Calendar

okay.  Yes, I can add a new event to be displayed on this new calendar.  YAY! Wednesday, 11 pm.   This feature is going to be an AWESOME help for the DD Zoom chat series.  

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